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Soluflex Flooring Systems


Soluflex... paving the way with integrated cable management



Soluflex, is  much more than just a raised floor. This innovative new system integrates

low-level flooring with market leading cable management solutions. All cables for power,

data, and telecoms can be structuredin a logical, ready to use layout that remains

hidden to end users.


Quick and easy installation


You don't have to be a flooring expert to install Soluflex.

It's simply a question of placing supports on the floor and then clicking the durable

steel tiles into place (without the need for glue or fixings). Once the floor has been laid,

the required cabling and connections can be installed between the supports by removing

the relevant tiles until cabling is complete. The finished installation can then be covered

with any type of covering...carpet tiles, rubber, stone or wood. And if the office layout changes,

or even relocates, Soluflex can be reconfigured and re-used.


Freedom of design


Soluflex creates well organised, multifunctional rooms where users will always have enough

connection points. At the design stage, it’s no longer necessary to keep track of the connection

points for power and data. The cabling can be installed anywhere under the entire floor and the

location of connections can be determined at any stage.



Save time. Save money


Soluflex offers considerable time-saving

as floors and cables can be installed virtually simultaneously. The supports and tiles are wear-resistant,

offering long-termsavings. Adding or restructuring connection points can be done in amatter of minutes,

without cutting or breaking cables... often without the need to shut down power or data.



Ideal for renovation


Ideal for use in existing buildings, Soluflex's non-invasive

installation technique avoids damaging historic floors and includes a specially developed, ultra-low

37 mm system...the perfect lightweight solution to bring older buildings into the 21st century without

compromising floor to ceiling height.



Combining cable management and flooring has never been easier.

Choose from four low-level access flooring systems that can be instantly

reconfigured to meet changing power and data needs.


Soluflex : 37 mm


Ideal for refurbishment where floor

to ceiling spaceis limited.

The 37 mm version has been

developed with renovation in mind...

allowing old buildings to be brought

up-to-date without affecting their

traditional feel. The system enables

all cabling to be installed in a

compact void.

Power can be accessed from

specially designed, flush mounting

socket outlets, or by using cable

snakes and power poles that are

fed directly with power and data

cables from under the floor.

Soluflex : 60 mm


Low level floor with under floor power

access. In addition to the power and

data solutions associated with the

shallowest system, the 60 mm

system also incorporates a twin

socket outlet that allows electrical

devices to be connected under

the floor.

With a wide range of under floor

and surface mounted accessories,

power,data and telecoms can be

configured to meet be spoke

requirements and can also be

ordered from a selection of

pre-wired options.



Soluflex : 90 and 120 mm


Increasedcabling space, maximum

options. The 90 mm and 120 mm

systems include enough room for

bulk cabling and outlet units.

Various floor boxes are available in

prewired and configurable formats

to include any combination of

power, data and even RCD

protection. Built-intiles are available

to accept floor boxes. As with all the

systems, there is also a wide

selection of surface mounted options

for power and data.

Access all areas

Where doors prevent elevation of

the floor, or where disabled access

is required, Soluflex ramps can be

used to change from one floor

height to another.






Supply and Installation Available